Revelations 3:2

Strengthen What Remains.


Sometimes life can seem like a never-ending series of repetitions. We get up everyday and go through the same routines and face pretty much the same challenges at work. We have the same circle of friends for years and they usually share our opinions and values.

Over time we become stuck in the comfortable “rut” we have created and that rut tends to decay into indifference and apathy toward anything that challenges us. The obvious result of this is injustice and iniquity – which God despises.

We all arrive at this condition without even realizing the path we’re on, but God is not willing that we should remain there. The unseen hand of God will shake us and bring us to a point where we will see our condition and turn to him for forgiveness. Hopefully, we recognize the signs for what they are.

If you are at a point in life where everything seems unbearable and you are tempted to put the blame on God, please consider for a moment that there is another answer.

Our view of life is colored by our understanding of who we are and why we are here in the first place. Without the renewing of God’s spirit in our lives we all just slip into the forgetfulness of life in the “rut”. It doesn’t have to be our epitaph. God has made a way for us in the person of Jesus Christ. I know from my own life experience that turning to him in both the good and the bad in life will bring peace and abundance. His desire is to bless not curse.

Give yourself the opportunity the experience it.